What our UNIGLOBE Members and Global Partners say about us:

Alliance Avia, is grateful to be a Global Partner of UNIGLOBE in Russia. We highly value our fruitful partnership. Since 2009 UNIGLOBE Europe Region has provided us with invaluable benefits in terms of the technology innovations, global sales initiatives, and outstanding support in order for us to grow our business.

UNIGLOBE Alliance Avia, Senior Management

I am grateful for the hard work and exemplary service provided by Uniglobe EU and ME Region’s team. In the past years they have not only helped us better manage our business but provided us tools that enabled us to increase our margins, save costs, and generate more revenues. Uniglobe’s regional team is made of highly knowledgeable and responsive individuals, who understand our needs and always proactively present the solutions that add value. I am very impressed with Uniglobe and delighted to be part of this extraordinary network of professionals.

Yasser Awad - CEO - EgyTrav