Global Partner Program

For ambitious, forward-looking businesses looking for a travel business opportunity, we are proud to offer the UNIGLOBE Global Partner Program.

UNIGLOBE Global partners can be found all over the world. Argentina, Australia, Russia, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates are just a few of the countries where partnerships have recently been established. Will you be the next travel agency to join our thriving global network?

Our innovative Global Partner program allows travel companies (TMCs) to establish a travel agency within the Uniglobe network.

Who can apply for Uniglobe Travel Agency Partnership?

If you are a high-performing travel company, then our Global Partner Program is for you. Suitability is determined based on your flexibility, industry knowledge, passion and drive to succeed. We train and develop our members into market leading business travel agencies, so current sales volume is not the only criteria. But you must demonstrate a successful approach to business and commitment to the highest levels of customer service.

How To Become a Global Partner
If you are interested in exploring the UNIGLOBE Global Partner Program, please contact Global Development on 0207 332 0313

Why Choose Our Global Partner Program?

  • Supercharge your brand by linking it to our UNIGLOBE travel management system.
  • Network with agencies around the world to collaborate on business opportunities.
Manage multi-location accounts, share product knowledge and benefit from new software advances.
Access to UNIGLOBE sales and marketing tools and systems.
Ongoing training  and skills development.
  • Full access to the UNIGLOBE Hotel program. Make use of more than 100,000 hotels in 150 countries.
  • Participation in UNIGLOBE events, where TMCs around the world come together to share, learn and network.
Access customised goods, services and technology at discounted prices through our vendor partners.
  • Preferred supplier relationships with airlines, hotels, rail companies and event venues.


Our Global Partner Program is tailor made for established TMCs who are already familiar with web-based booking technologies.  So we know you will be excited at the opportunities offered by the latest generation of travel management technologies. Uniglobe uses one of the most advanced booking systems in the world.  Furthermore, our team is always researching and developing new solutions to maximise your efficiency and profits. As a partner, you reap the benefit of leading edge software platforms at unbeatable prices, giving you a crucial edge over your competitors.